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End of Year Post

Happy Holidays,

2016 is almost over. Let’s have a review of all my accomplishments with photography.

-I completed my first 365 photo a day project. So many photographers will push themselves to take a photo a day for an entire year. That project was the toughest thing I’ve done but has helped my determination and motivation to become a better shooter.

-I shot a total of 6 weddings this year. Weddings are one of my favorite areas of photography to capture. Weddings are a big deal and there is a lot of pressure on the photographer to capture all the moments but I accept the challenge to give who ever I work with shots that they can really enjoy.

-I completed my first photo series and collaboration project. The Double Exposure Series that I did was great. I was able to work with Ryland who I never met in person, only through a mutual friend on Instagram. I was also able to bring my ideas out and involve some good friends in the project.

-I started and also still working on a 100 strangers project. This project is a good challenge. It’s not super easy as I’m learning it’s not just that you have to be confident to approach strangers but also have the time and energy to do it to. I’ll be back on the streets soon to complete this.

-I’ve worked with a dozen or so different creative minded people who either model, shoot, or think outside the box to create some awesome photographs.

-I have printed, framed, and put up some of my work in an art gallery. This is awesome. I think anyone who creates digital art such as a photos or even photo-manipulation art should print it out so the world can see.

-I did a number of events this year as well. My favorite event that I worked this year has been the NC State Threads Event showcasing Fashion Designs of Senior Students.

-Here's a small accomplishment but still an accomplishment. I won a competition for Fidelity Employees for my shot entitled “Clone”.

-Additionally I just feel super proud of myself by the fact that I pushed myself at one point to shoot whatever came to my mind the day the thought came. With a job and responsibilities this seems like it isn’t always possible but if you push yourself hard enough you can do anything.

I can’t wait for 2017. I already know I’m going to kill it. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading

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