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How long does it take?

You ever wonder what photographers are doing with your photos after the shoot? Some photos you see can be outstanding and you think they didn’t just snap that… There must be more. Or you may be thinking give me my photos already!

If you’re new to photography or are interested there is so much more to just snapping a great photo. After a photographer grabs those great photos making sure the photographic elements, composition, lighting, etc, are aligned like the stars in the sky it’s time to edit. Editing, with software like adobe Photoshop and Light room, can take some time. I have a formula for a good editing process that isn’t breezed through, granted some photographers take more or less time.

With my strategy editing done the right way should take 2 times the amount of time taken during the actual photo-shoot with a limit of 5 or 6 hours. A shoot that takes an hour will probably take 2 hours of editing. A wedding that takes 4 hours of shooting will probably take a very long time. A wedding that takes 8 hours of shooting… Well I’ll be home all weekend looking at a screen.

Now there are photographers who are awesome at the editing game and can finish within a shorter period but I thoroughly enjoy editing and taking my time. Editing is fun because after you grab the subject within an image you can change how the photograph is viewed. You can change how the viewer feels about a particular photograph. The way I see it taking the photograph is like baking the cake and editing is the frosting. I hope you enjoy.

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