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Hello From NYC


​​I traveled to New York City this week. Let me explain the significance of this trip for me. I have for the longest time

not liked the city or state. I'm not sure why, maybe because I was a Boston sports fan or maybe it was the way I didn't like the confidence of those New Yorkers. Anyway I gotta say I understand now why the New Yorkers have so much confidence. This city is fast and also very exciting. I really regret not showing up to this city when I had the chance before but I'm glad I did now.

I've got some skills under my belt, like how to photograph people and also taking photos from different perspectives, that can differentiate me from the millions of photographers I saw that day. My main goal in photography is to do it differently than everyone else. Be different. And this can be impossible given that everyone has a camera but I believe we all can bring something to the table just by putting our personal touch on our art.

Anyway the city of New York is so alive. Let's forget about the people for a second. The city is teeming with character. Character that has been brought about by the efforts of very awesome people. That's enough for me to capture just there. But then add the great New York people and the fact that its the big apple and you're overwhelmed with awe. I had a blast walking around like a tourist and exploring and seeing the city for what it was not what I thought it was. Sorry NYC I was wrong about you. I'll see you soon.


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