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What Now?

I am always looking to be creative.

So what’s next… I would like to do a series that’s definitely been done before but would be fun to do. I’m planning to do a 50 strangers project. In this project I’m thinking of photographing as you may have guessed 50 strangers an maybe grabbing a few words from them to go along with it. I’m still thinking on the time frame but 1 month if not 2 could be a good challenge. I’m not the most social so this project will not only enhance my photo skills but pull me out of my shell a little. As a photographer I don’t see myself as an aggressive shooter so to speak. Walking around and just shooting without permission or at least some kind of connection made with my subject is definitely not my style. My camera will help me grow. We’ll see how this challenge shapes me overall. I’m pursing this project mostly as an experience to meet, interact with new people and become more comfortable shooting. I expect to start this project some time in December 2016. So please stay tuned and also be ready.

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