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365 Photography Project complete.

Hey readers,

​​One thing that is very instrumental to a photographer’s growth is the 365 Photography project.

This project consists of taking a photo every day for an entire year. Because smart phones are around have 12 mp this can be slightly easier these days however it’s still a tough challenge. I think my hand may naturally feel comfortable in the shape of holding a camera. Anyway I have finished the challenge a few days ago today and I’m pretty excited about it. The toughest aspect of it was avoid the Meh photos. By Meh I mean photos that didn’t look interesting. There were many meh days when I started but I learned how to organize and schedule my week out to get some cool shots. The other difficulty that I had was the drive or motivation after work to take an interesting shot because I do have a 9-5 that is not photography. It’s also had to put together ideas when you have exhausted if you will a good deal of energy and brain power at work. For those who have done a 365 project before I understand the commitment. After completing the project I’ve built skills working with people, animals, and landscapes. Landscapes could be as difficult as people trust me. I would say the majority of my shots were self-portraits and animal photography.

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