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New Year New Me

It's a new year to start fresh. I've got some goals for 2017 and I'm anxious t reach them. In order to pursure theses goals I'm going to dissect my current creative process and rebuilt it from scratch. One of the biggest changes I'm looking to implement is my new approach to editing. I'm also changing my style and focusing more on keeping consistency between the work I produce. You may see more grainy, moody tones which is something that I'm experimenting with at this time.

Additionally I'm also pursuing another 365 photo a day project. The last one I did I enjoyed the journey more than anything. I really like looking back at where I began and where I finished and the progress between. This year I'm looking to progress even further. As an added pressure I'm pushing myself to post top shots on my Instagram account so I don't slack off. For those who think that 365 photo projects are a lot of work... You are right, the project is. Some days I'm so frustrated because I feel the pressure to produce something interesting after a long day. But in the end it's all for the love of photography.

Thanks for reading

Check out what I've been working on lately:

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