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Shooting at NCSU'S Fashion Show

I did my first fashion show this past weekend for NC State’s Senior Designers. It was an interesting experience. I’ve done weddings before and events where things are happening but the fashion show was definitely a change of pace. It was a challenge but I did enjoy it however.

As I get more involved with photography I’m being exposed to different avenues of the industry. I really wouldn’t mind doing more photography with a focus on fashion and design. It’s fascinating where I am today from where I was when I started this journey. When I started, I don’t think I would have thought of 1) being so involved and busy but also 2) trying out so many different avenues of photography. I wouldn’t change it if I could.

This is going to sound corny but I feel like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Ash had one message that stuck with me. His message was to be the best Pokemon Trainer he could be. I am the same way. I want to be the very best photographer I can be as well. I’ve got a long journey ahead but I’m looking forward to every step.

Check out shots below from the fashion shoot:

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