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Photo Series #1

Hey Readers,

​​I’ve had a great year photography wise for 2016. I started to work with great people and got to

create some photography with myself portraits. What’s next… The moon. My next step is a photo series. Something that I can commit to. The photo series will be called a double exposure experience. So far I am optimistic about the process. I have connected with a great landscape photographer who will send me his top shots, Ryland. The next thing I must secure is people for the photos. I unfortunately don’t want to use myself in this series. One of my biggest difficulties has been getting to work with people. I have been my talent for a great while now. I have many self-portraits but I can be a very boring model. I think I can grow a lot trying to work with people to get my ideas out there. I’ve always seen myself as a reserved person so this will be a good test for me. I have some very fun ideas and can’t wait to inspire others to get their own ideas out as well. If you, yeah you, who is reading are interested in shooting get in contact on my contact page. I would love to work with you. I don’t turn anyone away. Again, my new idea for a photo series is going to be related to Double Exposures, I will be compositing but looking for a Double Exposure effect. I look to shoot with awesome people and combine the portrait shots with awesome landscapes.

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