Hello! My name is Chad.

This is my world through two

cameras, a few lenses, and a little

editing. I am a pro photographer

capturing everything I can.

I have had the great opportunity of taking portraits, capturing weddings, and events in Raleigh North Carolina over the past 6 years. I recently moved to Connecticut where I look to capture new experiences. I love what I do and would love to work with others who have the same passion. 

Please get in contact if you would like to collaborate and work together or get in contact for commissioned work such as portraits, events, or prints. I am currently based in the Southern Connecticut Area and available to travel.


Please check out my Portfolio and have a great day!

Current Gear:

Canon EOS R Full Frame Camera

Canon 17-40 mm f/4 Lens

Canon 35 mm f/1.8 Lens

Canon 85 mm f/1.4 Lens

Canon 135 mm f/2.0 Lens

Canon 580 EX II Flash Unit 

Canon 600 EX Flash Unit

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